5 Romantic Spring Wedding Motifs

Many spring brides choose a floral theme featuring seasonal flowers such as tulips, orchids, lilacs and daffodils. For spring brides looking for a romantic theme, here are some unique wedding motif ideas that are not limited to floral designs.

Tea Party

Choosing a tea party motif is perfect for an afternoon or garden wedding. Dress your bridesmaids in pastel colors and decorate the ceremony hall as if you are hosting a formal afternoon tea. Place matching tea sets at eat table in the reception hall, and give each guest a set of tea cups as a wedding favor.


Hummingbirds evoke the feel of spring and are a great option for a spring wedding motif. Choose favors and invitations featuring hummingbirds, and match your wedding décor to the favors. Hummingbird motifs often use bolder colors combined with a rich gold, so if you want your spring wedding to employ darker colors the hummingbird is a good choice for a wedding motif.


For a bride who loves red, a ladybug motif is an excellent choice. The red and black color theme will give your wedding a more contemporary feel. Pair ladybugs with silver or gold décor to make the theme more elegant. Swathe your bridesmaids in bed and add black sashes and shoes to complete the look. White flowers will make a nice contrast with the ladybug theme.

Cherry Blossoms

Go for an Asian-inspired wedding theme with Japanese cherry blossoms. Cherry blossom motif wedding invitations will set the scene for a graceful, romantic wedding. Decorate tables with Japanese-style ceramics featuring cherry blossoms, and hang Japanese lanterns around the room. Colors that go well with a cherry blossom motif are pink, maroon and silver.

Watering Can

For a bride who loves gardening and the coming of spring, a watering can motif is a perfect wedding theme. Use watering cans filled with handpicked blooms as table centerpieces. Pair floral décor with mini watering can candles. As you can paint watering cans whatever color you would like, wedding color combinations can be anything you’d like.

Spring brides can make the most of seasonal flowers and spring wedding motifs to plan a romantic and creative wedding ceremony and reception.

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