Don’t Be A Bridezilla! How To Plan A Stress Free Wedding

At first you’re on cloud nine, or above.  The man of your dreams has asked you to be his wife and you have accepted him.  There’s a shiny token of his love twinkling away on your finger, your parents are thrilled and your friends are envious.  All is right with the world until you realise you have the biggest day of your life to plan and it just has to be perfect!

What do you do next?  Panic?  No, you want to enjoy your perfect day and if you let yourself get stressed out by all the preparations you just won’t be able to.  When you walk down that aisle you want to be calm, serene and radiant, thinking only of your man and your new life together.  So, where do you start?

A great place to start is with your budget.  If you’re paying for everything yourself, agree a budget with your intended and stick to it.  If your families are contributing ask them to give you a figure so you can add this to your total.  Once you know how much you have to spend you can start to plan your day.

Once your budget is agreed you can decide what type of wedding you are going to have and start booking your church, venue, caterer, cars etc.  When you have these in place for the date you want you can fine tune the details like music in church and the menus for the wedding breakfast nearer the time.

At this point, you may want to enlist the services of a wedding planner (budget permitting).  If you’re not using a planner invest in one of the many wedding planner books available.  These cover everything you will need to know and may offer inspiration as to themes etc.  Next get yourself a large notepad and list everything you need.  You can then see what you need to do yourself and what can be delegated to others.  Set a schedule for when things should be done by and tick them off your list as they are completed.  Schedule in some contingency time so that if problems do occur you can fix them and the schedule does not collapse.

Don’t try to do everything.  Ask for help.  For instance, get your husband to be to arrange the honeymoon, put him in charge of picking up the wedding rings and the suits for the men in the wedding party.  It is his day too!  Your maid of honour should arrange your wedding shower.  As the day gets closer, make sure you have scheduled in a little break for yourself.  Take the day off from everything to do with the wedding.  Go to a spa and be pampered for a while.

There may be the odd hiccup along the way but if you follow this advice you should be able to have the kind of day that you and all your friends and family will remember fondly forever.

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