Fall-Inspired Wedding Colours & Favours

Fall is a month made just for weddings. Sunny days during the peak of the foliage explosion transforms ordinary outdoor locations into ideal wedding and reception spots. It is a flexible season for colours and favours to perfectly suit all wedding styles; such as those on a budget, both indoor and outdoor, as well as casual and formal settings. Here are some fall-inspired ideas:

  • Brides have a definite colour advantage this time of the year, as white stands out elegantly in contrast among the patchwork of warm foliage colours. The brighter the shade of white, the more dramatic the effect. For a more subtle elegance, wear a dress of antique white.
  • Bold colours like burgundy or rust are stunning without seeming garish or overwhelming. Neutral darks, such as mocha and slate have a handsome, formal appeal, while lighter tans and beige feel relaxed and casual.
  • Silver, the traditional colour of celebration, is also a colour of romance when coupled with passionate dark violet and forest green. These combinations work magnificently indoors and out.
  • Fully express your colours in wedding favours! Show your appreciation to attending guests with a small cornucopia or basket filled with a bountiful harvest that could include miniature pumpkins, squash, fall fruits such as apples and pears, a dry soup or trail mix. Hang foil bags in the trees filled with wholesome baked goods or caramel dipped apples to add a festive touch.

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