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  • Fall-Inspired Wedding Colours & Favours

    Fall is a month made just for weddings. Sunny days during the peak of the foliage explosion transforms ordinary outdoor locations into ideal wedding and reception spots. It is a flexible season for colours and favours to perfectly suit all wedding styles; such as those on a budget, both indoor and outdoor, as well as […]

  • 5 Romantic Spring Wedding Motifs

    Many spring brides choose a floral theme featuring seasonal flowers such as tulips, orchids, lilacs and daffodils. For spring brides looking for a romantic theme, here are some unique wedding motif ideas that are not limited to floral designs. Tea Party Choosing a tea party motif is perfect for an afternoon or garden wedding. Dress […]

  • Wedding Music Checklist

    When planning your wedding some of the first things you may think about are setting a day you get married, the venue, flowers, invitations, colours, decorations, picking out a cake, bridesmaids dresses and finding the dress of your dreams.  The list goes on! Music should not be overlooked because it is a huge part of […]

  • Here Comes the Bride: Apps to Help Plan the Perfect Wedding

    A growing number of wedding apps have been developed to help couples plan their big day.  These apps can help the bride and groom stay organized and focused on each task associated with wedding planning.  The following apps enhance the planning phase of the wedding so couples can enjoy their day along with their family […]

  • Music to Marry by: Consider Non-traditional Choices

    Simplify wedding day music planning by keeping the personalities of the bride and groom at its center. This day is truly all about the couple and whether the bride and groom plan themselves or are aided by a wedding planner/coordinator, the freshest and most memorable ceremony bears the stamp of the bridal couple. How many […]

  • The Top Ten Wedding Mistakes to Avoid

    Weddings are memorable – but there are a few wedding mistakes you can avoid to make sure that your wedding is remembered fondly and not with a grimace. Some of these mistakes can occur simply because you’ve been so busy planning the wedding that the little details are swept by the wayside. Other mistakes come […]