Wedding Music Checklist

When planning your wedding some of the first things you may think about are setting a day you get married, the venue, flowers, invitations, colours, decorations, picking out a cake, bridesmaids dresses and finding the dress of your dreams.  The list goes on!

Music should not be overlooked because it is a huge part of the wedding and the reception.  Music helps tell your storey and create lasting memories.  Choosing the right music for your event not only should be a reflection of the bride and grooms personalities but also be appropriate for your event and guests.

No matter what type of wedding you’re planning; traditional, destination, themed, small or big, here’s a guideline – a music checklist of the songs a bride and groom should choose for their wedding day.

  • Processional – When the Wedding Party enters
  • Bride Entrance – When the Bride walks down the isle
  • Interlude – When the Bride and Groom are signing the marriage license
  • Recessional – When the Bride and Groom are exiting
  • Reception Entrance – When the Bride and Groom enter the reception
  • First Dance – The Bride and Groom’s first dance
  • Father/Daughter Dance – When the Bride and her Father dance
  • Mother/Son Dance – When the Groom and his Mother dance
  • Cake Cutting – This is more of a photo op of the Bride and Groom
  • Last Dance – Close out your event with your favourite song

Remember to keep in mind that just because it’s your favourite song, it doesn’t mean that it’s the right song for your wedding day.  You have to take in to account the mood the song will set, the length of the song – is it too short or too long and will it create a good flow for your event from start to finish.

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